"I have been receiving reiki from Heather since the beginning of December 2021. I was in a bit of a dark place. Since then, I've received six sessions. I cannot stress enough what an extraordinary difference it has made to my life. Heather has worked so beautifully with me, helping me to delve deeper into my spirituality and gaining inner strength. I have grown so much. She has helped me develop me for me, if that makes sense. I had spent years pouring prayers into and living in fear about my nearest and dearest, that I neglected myself. She has also helped me on a physical level, helping with aches and pains due to aging and too much use of the PC!!! I know I need to do more for myself, but Heather can always be there to guide and support me. She has great wisdom and healing. I cannot recommend her enough"
- Susan, Hackbridge
I had my first ever Reiki treatment with Heather as I was flying for the first time in four years and was apprehensive. Not only did her treatment leave me feeling much more confident about the flight, it also impacted me in various positive ways that led to my work trip being very successful. I was a little skeptical of reiki until this treatment but would now recommend to everyone to aid with your mental and physical well being. Heather created a perfect atmosphere, was both professional and intuitive in her approach and will definitely be seeing me for treatments regularly going forward. - Lewis, Carshalton
- Lewis, Carshalton
"My first experience of reiki was with Heather and she made me feel completely at ease right from the beginning. I have since had several of her reiki treatments with her extremely caring nature shining through all of them"
- Lianna, Carshalton
"Heather is an excellent Reiki practioner. She was able to focus in on my areas of concern effortlessly. I felt deeply relaxed and rejuvenated after my Reiki therapy session. I highly recommend Heather as a Reiki practioner"
- Natasja, Mossel Bay
"This is always such a beautiful, blissful experience. I have been having Reiki for years and have found Heather to be one of the best practitioners I have met. I even had a small issue, that was resolved after just one healing session. I really enjoy my sessions with Heather and the wonderful relaxed state I am in after"
- Suzie, E. London
"My reiki sessions with Heather have been hugely transformative and healing for me. The whole experience was wonderful, from the calming setting with incense and essential oils to Heathers wonderful gentle and supportive approach. It has quickly become a must have monthly treatment for me and I highly recommend her as a practitioner. Thank you Heather for your caring professional approach, I look forward to more sessions"
- Racheal, Carshalton
"Heather is a professional Reiki practitioner with amazing healing energy. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and felt rejuvenated afterwards. My body and mind felt energised straight after the session and during the following few days. I would highly recommend Heather and look forward to our next session. Thank you"
- Lia, Carshalton Beeches
"The best reiki experience I've ever had. I suffer from depression and the next morning woke up feeling uplifted and positive. I also got a lot of healing from the session. Heather was so gentle and the environment was so calm and beautiful that I felt totally safe and comfortable during session. I am so happy I did it. 10/10, will be recommending to everyone I know" 
- Summer, N. London
Had a wonderful experience from Heather's treatment Went to lie down as advised and cat joined at my feet. He seemed to also drop into a lovely relaxed state as the moment the session finished he came up to my head, settled down again and we both sunk into a blissfully deep sleep. Seemed a COVID turning point and I started to get better from then on. Tremendously relaxing. Unreservedly recommend! 
- Helen,  Seaford

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