Are you feeling overwhelmed, pressured or disconnected from 
friends and family (and even yourself)?  

Do you struggle to get up in the morning,
motivate yourself or make it through the day?   

Are you sensing there's something more to life, something more you'd like to explore, but you can't quite put your finger on  it?

Would you like to feel more connected to the world around you?

Reiki can help with this!
A one hour session can realign your emotional balance, 
improve your physical wellbeing and restore your sense of self.

Where conventional medicine is focussed on your physical symptoms, Reiki is a holistic 
treatment that looks a the bigger picture - healing the mind, body and spirit.


"My reiki sessions with Heather have been hugely transformative and healing for me. The whole experience was wonderful..."

- Racheal, Carshalton

"... I felt deeply relaxed and rejuvenated after my Reiki therapy session. I highly recommend Heather as a Reiki practioner."

- Natasja, Mossel Bay, S. Africa (distant healing session)


"... it also impacted me in various positive ways that led to my work trip being very successful. I was a little skeptical of reiki until this treatment but would now recommend to everyone to aid with your mental and physical well being."

- Lewis, Carshalton


"I have been having Reiki for years and have found Heather to be one of the best practitioners I have met. I even had a small issue, that was resolved after just one healing session..."

- Suzie,  Hackney


"...I thoroughly enjoyed the session and felt rejuvenated afterwards. My body and mind felt energised straight after the session and during the following few days..."

-Lia, Carshalton

Business Hours

  • Mon – Fri
    • 08:00 – 20:00
  • Saturday
    • 08:30 – 20:00
  • Sunday
    • 09:00 – 19:30